This week we’re switching it up. My dream for you, my beloved reader, is that you believe in your dream and actually follow through. That is my vision.

When we’re contemplating taking that leap, what makes it less scary is to feel supported. And while we’re not all lucky enough to have a bestie who is a badass creative entrepreneur, I know there are women out there who are trying to reach us to let us know they are cheering us on. One of those ladies is Janet Jones.

Besides being our guest today on the Closet Creative podcast, Janet is the founder of Vixen Workout, a booty-bouncing cardio workout with a cult-following you’ll want to join. From a young age, Janet was a talented dancer, choreographer, and performer. (I know this, because she was the captain of my high school dance team. Throwback!) After college, she became a Miami Heat dancer, a choreographer, a talent manager, and she even shared the stage with many of today’s hottest acts like Pitbull.

But somewhere around her mid-twenties, she felt it was time to grow up. And being grown up in many people’s eyes is letting go of our creativity. As if the dream of creating were childish. She packed up all those experiences, stuffed them into a bag and got herself a desk job.

It didn’t take her too long to realize she was living someone else’s life. But by the time she figured that all out, she felt so stuck, she wasn’t sure she could get herself out.

On today’s episode, Janet explains to us exactly how it felt to be completely lost and how she gathered herself together to create the empire she has today. I asked her to share this personal story to remind all of us that even in the darkness there is light. We just have to walk towards it. Also, when we see people enjoying public success, we must remind ourselves there is so much that happened before that moment we just happened to witness. It’s attainable and doable, but it takes time and commitment.

I do hope you enjoy today’s episode and inside look into the making of a dream come true. May Janet’s story inspire you, and may it remind you, that there are so many of us cheering you on.

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