At my most basic level, I just want people to be happy. It truly makes me sad when I see people caught up in drama, doubt, or hurt. Tell me you’ve been recently dumped and I’ll shed a tear, I swear. Speak negative, and I’ll try to lift you up.

It’s a beautiful characteristic, but not everyone wants to receive a you-can-do-it lecture. When my husband is receiving more encouragement than he can handle, he likes to remind me that next lifetime he’ll make sure not to marry a motivational speaker, ha!

If you’re reading this, I bet you, too, are looking to change the world, bring more positivity into your life, and see the people around you happy. But we can’t always just preach it, we have to be it.

There’s a better way to change annoying people and the Negative Nancies of the world that doesn’t involve an unsolicited pep talk. Try this instead: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

So here’s the thing: we usually get annoyed at people because they remind of some sort of fault we also have. Let’s say your friend likes to complain a lot and it annoys you like crazy. Do you complain a lot, too? Can you stop the complain fest in some way but not indulging in it?

Be the example. Don’t get annoyed. See them with compassion. Don’t feel the need to comfort them by sympathizing. Direct their attention to more positive conversation.

Change yourself and your reactions, and you’ll change the world. Being the change is really about more than ridding yourself of annoying people. It’s about standing up for what you believe in, being true to who you are, and creating the life you’ve promised to live. And, yeah, that’s how you make big impact with small changes.