The past few days, I’ve had sessions with several clients who feel stuck and indecisive. Their brains have been going a million miles per second and because of this the anxiety is growing. We’ve all been there, right? In fact, you might be there right now.

Well, maybe their message can help you. The message they received was: it’s time for action.

When we feel stuck and paralyzed in anxiety, it’s because we are functioning way too much from our mind. Meaning, we’re probably doing a lot of the mundane stuff. Like, a job we don’t feel challenged by. Or the domestic must-dos like picking up kids or making meals. Obviously, we can’t just hit the road and leave all our responsibilities behind, which ultimately causes a road block in our head. We’re not sure how we can get from stuck to unstuck without a drastic move.

You don’t need a drastic move. But a lot of the times, our mind can’t wrap itself around that concept, so we have to prep it for change. Rather than take a huge leap, here are a few simple tasks we can do to start prepping ourselves for big action.

1.     Move Your Body

The quickest way to get out of our heads is by getting into our bodies. For some of us, one great yoga class will get us out. But for others, we might have to do several days back-to-back. Even if your mind is running during these workout sessions, notice your thoughts. See what you’ve been telling yourself.

2.     Switch up Your Routine

My friend you are feeling stuck, because you are feeling totally bored! Switch up your routine. Take a new route to work. Have lunch outside. Try a new workout. Have a different meal.

3.     Journal

Lastly, get all that mind junk out of your head and on to paper. The thoughts are going around and around in your mind, because they have no outlet. Give them an outlet. For those of us who have a super active mind (the smarty pants!), journaling every day will be your life line.

Alright, my friend. Please take care of yourself and take the steps. This feeling will not go away unless you do the work that your soul deserves. Much love to you always.