How to Change Your Mood Instantly

Let’s talk about mood, kids. I know we can argue that we have no control over our moods sometimes. I mean, come on, hormones. But here’s the truth, our moods are a result of our thoughts. So, we think poorly first and then we feel poorly. Or vice versa.   

So if we want to change our mood, we have to start thinking differently. And this may sound easy, but sometimes is doesn’t feel so easy. Why? Because some of these thoughts are so deeply ingrained in us. They show up as subconscious beliefs, and they may even be beliefs that have been passed down to us for several generations.   

First, we need to know what we’re thinking. I have a lot of clients who will say, I’m not thinking anything. These are typically people who have not yet learned to understand their feelings. We’re feeling something because we’re thinking something. We want to understand what we’re thinking and why.   

Once we figure that out, we can start downloading new thoughts, which can take some time to stick. Regardless, we have to go through the process.  


But today, we’re looking for a shortcut. And here it is: turn to gratitude. If you can’t get out of a funk, start listing all the good things you have going for yourself. By doing this, you’re shifting your perception of what your life really is. Yes, do we really need to change and face those subconscious beliefs? Sure, but unless we’re in a better vibration, we’re going to have little desire to do so.  

Try it with me, list all the good things you have going on right now. I was complaining about having to spend too much money for an event for my daughter. I felt forced into it. And my husband reminded me, “Well, be thankful that we can.” I was thankful and reminded that I chose to.   

Try it for 30 days. Wake up with your gratitude list, and every time you find yourself in a funk, start listing away! And if you’re looking to have someone hold you accountable for all these changes you’re looking to make, check out my membership group, Clarity Club by clicking here