Schedule a Follow-Up Session

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Hi There! Welcome Back

Thank you so much for allowing me to guide you, and thank you for being open to the work.

I know that the one-time sessions can be a but much at times and maybe even overwhelming, so I created two ways we can work together while you digest the information from our last meeting.


Do You Need a 30-Minute Follow Up Session?

If you’re feeling like you have more questions or need clarification on some of the things you learned, you may like to book a 30-minute follow-up session with me. 

* Please note: the price is discounted since we’ve done the initial work together. This offer is valid up to three months since your initial session. After three months, please book a full readings. A lot shifts with time, and I am not able to do my work completely in 30 minutes if I haven’t spoken to you in some time.


Do You Need a Healing?

If during our initial session, we found that you had some past-life situations that were holding you back, closed chakras, or general blocked energy, you may be interested in booking an energy healing. 


By booking a reading or coaching session, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to my disclaimer and terms and conditions