I have the New Year on my mind. Why? Because all of you, my friends, are gearing up to make sure 2018 counts. One thing I find many of us struggling with is being afraid of ourselves. It’s a total thing!

Many of us have heard at least a small calling towards our purpose and we’re ready to make the steps. Yet, even if we have some level of clarity, there’s just one problem: we’re scared we won’t follow through. Why? Well, because in the past we’ve started and never finished, many times. So now, we don’t trust ourselves. When we try to move forward, we don’t notice all the self-doubt we’re dealing with, causing many delays for us.

How can we avoid this and get to where we want to go faster? I have one word for ya: faith. Faith in ourselves and in the calling. We can repeat mantras all we want, buy the most organized planners, and hire the best help. If we don’t believe in that moment when we channeled the inspiration to start whatever it is we have started, there’s no hack that will work. We must believe it what made us move forward in the first place.

We don’t have to push, push, push, push our way to finish line. If we walk in faith that we are capable, powerful souls from up above capable of manifesting anything into our lives, we can walk a nice, steady pace and still make it to our destination faster and with more intention than if we were just bulldozing our way through.

Watch this video I made just for you to understand the concept better and to really integrate it into your life so that next year you can walk your path with less self-doubt.

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