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How to Make Dating Less Exhausting

You may know this about me already, but one of my favorite topics is our inner victim. Yep, I’m that kind of geek. Our inner victim is all about feeling disempowered. You know those moments in life when it feels like we have no other choice? That’s where the victim comes out to play. For many of us, victim mentality runs really deep — especially for women. And with good reason, right?

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How to Cleanse Your Heart Chakra

Ah the heart chakra, my favorite chakra. Why? Because when we are operating from a place of love with a clear heart, everything in life runs more smoothly. Our relationships, our careers, our self esteem, the whole sha-bang. However, as humans and naturally sensitive beings, it is one of the easiest chakras to become blocked. You may need a cleanse if you are struggling with self love, feel hopeless in the dating department, or are afraid to let your creation out into the world.

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