Is Your Grandparent Your Spirit Guide?

October may be around the corner but don’t get spooked just yet! Spirit guides aren’t something out of a horror film. Instead, they’re souls that have chosen to stick around the spirit world to gain a certain level of wisdom. Your spirit guides give you little nudges here and there. They’re like “Stephanie, he’s a nice guy. Here’s a sign,” and you’ll see 11:11 hit the clock. Cool, huh?

When we do our one-on-one sessions, I get messages from your spirit guides. The exciting thing is that there are times I hear from recently passed loved ones (even dogs, if you can believe it!), and sometimes those loved ones are grandparents wanting to send messages to their grandkids.

If you were close to your deceased grandparent, they could be trying to send you messages. But is your grandparent your spirit guide? It’s a little more complex than that.


Are Spirit Guides Your Ancestors?

Here’s the deal: while your grandparents may look out for you and want to send messages, they don’t have the level of wisdom that spirit guides and angels have. However, they’re still doing what I like to call “service hours.” It’s part of the program up there. If they can help or send a message, they will certainly reach out. But generally, not all spirit guides are ones that share an ancestral connection. Other spirit guides may have past life connections or some sort of karmic link.

How Do Spirit Guides Communicate?

Spirit guides like to communicate through songs. So pay attention when you keep hearing that song come on your ‘Random Songs’ playlist. If there’s one song or verse that keeps coming on and making you think of your grandfather’s favorite song, it could be him saying “hi, I’m watching you!”

What Signs Do Spirit Guides Use?

Spirit guides also like to show you things in three! If someone tells you to watch a show, and then you hear about it two more times randomly by coincidence, you may want to check it out. You watch it, and the story line feels familiar to one your grandfather told you while he was alive. It could be him again, telling you he’s watching your back.

Learn to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Overall, your spirit guides love to connect with you! Learning how to tune in and listen is always helpful to receiving the guidance they want to give you. If you’re hoping to learn more about topics like these, and learn how to connect on your own, I highly recommend you check out my online course, Soul Seeker. We talk about all things spiritual, so think auras, energy, chakras, and more! Click here to learn more about getting in tune with the spiritual world. Live Q&As happen throughout September on my private Facebook group. Hope to see you there!