3 Steps to Change Your Mindset

I have exciting news for you; you are in charge of your life. Yup, life doesn’t happen to you. You happen to it! Have you ever had one of those crummy friends who was always talking about all the bad stuff that would happen to them? Their car broke down, their boyfriend broke up with them, and they got fired from yet another job all in the same week, yet that week keeps happening over and over. Yeah, they’re living in a “woe is me” mindset. They believe that bad stuff is inevitable, or that life is hard, so the lousy stuff keeps on hitting them. 

You’re not like your friend, though. You know better. You know that living a good life and living your dreams is all about changing your mindset, which means breaking the beliefs you’ve held onto for a long time. It takes work, but you’re getting there. If there are some other beliefs you’re starting to uncover, and you’re not sure where to start with them, read on. I have some surefire tips to change your mindset so you can live a life full of positive habits and changes. 

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How to Change Your Mindset

  1. Uncover Those Beliefs - If you find yourself waking up late, getting to work late, or showing up to events late, you may believe that that’s just the person you are. You find yourself thinking, “I’m late again!” You may think it’s a part of your makeup, but that’s not the case. You can change your late ways. It’s just a matter of noticing the belief attached to the behavior. Why does being late no longer serve you? What beliefs are you ready to change? What kind of person would you like to be? Get clear on those points so you can move on to erasing what no longer serves you.

  2. Erase Them from Your Subconscious - Next, you’re going to have to erase or replace that belief. One way to do this is by replacing the old view with a new one. Instead of repeating “I’m always late,” repeat “I’m always on time” or “I am worthy and deserving of being on time.” You’re going to have to saturate your mind with this thought. It’s going to take work because that old belief is set in there so every time it comes up, you’re going to have to not only notice it but use that new belief to replace it! 

  3. Repeat—A Lot - Like I said, this belief is going to be stuck in your subconscious because it’s already been there so long. To replace it with a new, healthier, positive mindset is going to take a lot of repetition to the point where it has to become the new belief. Like your favorite shampoo instructions, rinse your old way of thinking and repeat your new belief for a healthier, more positive mindset. 

Do this over and over with each belief that comes your way. Consistency is key - and remember that practice makes (pretty close to) perfect. So don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit to start believing these more positives truths you’re adding to your inner monologue. But before you know it, your mindset will begin to shift. And things will truly begin to look and feel different. Get unstuck!

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Keep at it, my friend. You’ll get there!