My Favorite Podcast Episodes + 3 Top Ones I Follow

Happy International Podcast Day! I love a good podcast. Who doesn’t? When you’re on the road or in the middle of a chore, it helps make the time go faster. My favorite podcasts are ones that deal with spirituality and self-development (because, duh). I also dabble in dating podcasts because I gotta stay ahead of what you guys are curious about when it comes to love and more. I feel really lucky to have been a part of some of my favorite podcasts as a guest! Sometimes, it’s fun to get to know a fellow thought-leader, other times I’ve manifested my appearances. Either way, it’s been fun! Scroll on for some of my favorite podcasts. Open your ears and enjoy! 


The Final Swipe Podcast - Is it lame to be a fan of your own podcast? Listen, it’s truly been a labor of love and one that I have so much fun doing while helping women. It’s a win-win for me, so why not feature it! On The Final Swipe Podcast, we talk about dating, spirituality, and how to merge the two. I chat with experts for their opinions on love, experiences in the dating world, and so much more! Get all the dating coaching you need without the one-on-one session. Give it a listen next time you're on a long drive. 

Almost 30 Podcast - Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik get real and unfiltered while talking lifestyle, branding, spirituality, and more. Their uniqueness has cultivated a cozy community of some of the best ladies out there (some of which have become clients. Thanks, ladies!). A listen will make you feel like your talking to your virtual besties with their raw light-heartedness.  

Finding Your Shine Podcast - Need an extra dose of inspiration and motivation on that doom and gloom Monday? Finding Your Shine podcast brings together besties Nina and Liz to rescue your sour mood. These gals are all about the personal journey and getting through with some health, happiness, and self-love. Listen to my episode on Intuitive dating and energy healing now! 

That’s So Retrograde - I’ve been a fan of That’s So Retrograde for a while now! Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari keep it real in all the best ways. They merge pop culture with wellness without coming off preachy. Their authenticity will bring you so much joy. The best part? I manifested my way onto the show. Listen to my episode, “Nikki Novo: Getting to The Final Swipe with The Advice of an Intuitive Dating Coach,” here. Enjoy!  

What are you listening on International Podcast Day?