Why You Need to Slow Down to Move Forward

You’re out there manifesting your heart away. You’re visualizing your dream life, keeping your energy high—doing it all exactly the way you should. But then you start to feel desperate, restless. Why isn’t it here yet? Maybe you just went on a bad date that really messed with your vibes. You’ve hit a block! Your heart isn’t in it the way it once was, and you start to feel unhappy rather than excited for the life of your dreams.

I’m going to give you some advice I want you to consider: sometimes, we have to take it slow to go fast. I know it sounds counter-intuitive. But stay with me here.

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When you’ve hit that block, it’s time to take a step back and be mindful of every small action. Beware: being mindful does not mean judging your actions. It means watching them and adjusting them so that they are in alignment with your end goal. It means pivoting when necessary.

Think about when you’re meditating. You’re focusing on your breath and then you get a thought going through your head. Just a random thought about how you have to text your sister about your mom’s surprise party or remind that coworker of that—wait a second, you’re meditating! You acknowledge your thoughts, let them go, and focus on your breathing again. You’re going to have to bring that same energy to your entire life Your day-to-day.

When we stop and slow down to stay mindful of every action, we realize how our small day-to-day actions don’t really add up to the life that we want, so of course, we’re going to be frustrated with not getting there fast enough or not getting there at all!

So my friend, stop, slow down a minute, and pivot a bit in order to move fast to get to where you’re going. I can’t wait to meet you there.

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