How to Live Mindfully

How often do you do something without even thinking about it? Take dating apps, for example. You grab your phones and swipe through some dudes (or ladies) while binge-watching Stranger Things on your couch. Great show, but a not-so-great habit. Or, what about standing in line for coffee? Instead of just taking in the pleasure of this simple task, you find yourself in your head thinking of that time you embarrassed yourself in the fifth grade. Before you know it, you're anxious and not really paying attention when it’s your turn to order. You ask for mocha instead of pumpkin spice because your brain is elsewhere — a real seasonal tragedy. 

It’s okay when we have moments like this. We’re only human, after all. But if you find yourself in your head or mindlessly doing things on an everyday basis, it may be time to take a step back and choose a different path. Living life mindfully is all about the physical experience. It’s focusing on the present moment and taking in the awesomeness of life. Get out of your head. Get into your body and be at peace with your everyday. Read on for ways to live more mindfully. 

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  1. Meditate - Okay, meditating may seem like a no-brainer to living more mindfully and a tip that I come back to a lot, but seriously, this stuff works! Meditation is all about training your brain to be more focused. In practice, you’re meant to become more aware of your body by focusing on your breath. It's that simple! Try a mindful meditation where you go on a walk and observe everything you see — just using your eyes. No need to think about it. Breathe through it and enjoy.

  2. Set Intentions - This trick is a handy one! Try to go through your day and set intentions for everything you do. Before your workout in the morning, set the plan that you’re doing it for your health. When you open your dating app, tell the universe that you want to experience having fun or meeting the love of your life. Even when you’re binge-watching Stranger Things say, “I’m binge-watching to be entertained and enjoy this show.” It helps to bring your attention to what you’re doing. No more mindlessness for you! 

  3. Count Your Blessings - Ah, gratitude. Using gratitude as a tool to get you back to thinking in the moment can be very helpful. Use this when you find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It helps to remind you of what’s tangible and right in front of you. 

  4. Connect with Your Senses - Meditation should help you to connect with your senses, but when in doubt, try to focus on your smell, taste, touch, sound, and vision for a moment. Observe. You don’t need to think about anything right now. Just enjoy the experience to live more mindfully. 

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