Why Setbacks Often Lead to the Greatest Successes

This is us during a trip on our camper. I thought Benny was nuts when he told me wanted to buy it late last year. “A camper? What for? We have a house, a car—a full life. What would we need this thing for?” It felt like a setback to the life we’ve been going after. Can you relate? But I figured, the guy works so hard. He deserves to spend his money the way he wants. I kept my thoughts to myself and let him go for it.


Turns out, this little-engine-that-could has become our saving grace. When we take it out, it reminds us to keep it simple. We just head out in our camper, live a more minimalist lifestyle (seriously, you’d be surprised how little you can fit in that thing), and enjoy each other’s company. As simple as that. Life does not need to be complicated or busy to be full. It forces me to scale back and relax.

Don’t tell the kids but it’s also become our hideout. On several occasions, we have left the kids with the sitter for a “night out.” We then drive out of our driveway in our car, and when they’re not looking, we drive right back in to the side of the house to enjoy a movie, takeout, and a few uninterrupted hours in the camper. It’s pretty great! 

Sometimes what you think you don’t need, is what you need the most. Trust me, I get how it could seem like a setback. But trust the Universe. Trust what life is bringing you. When you get fired, it could lead to a freelancing gig you always wanted. You broke up with that guy you thought was your soulmate, turns out you needed major soul searching before you find the right person. It may not be exactly what you’re looking for but it could be just what you need. 

Camper and consistent time with the husband: much needed.

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