A Practical Guide to Using Crystals

Crystals are a seriously buzz-y right now. It seems like everyone’s got at least a rose quartz set on their nightstand. I don’t blame them! Crystal work can bring on healing, good vibes, and more! They may not be for everyone, but there are people out there who keep them in their arsenal, just in case. There seems to be a crystal for everything! Love, wealth, and peace are things we could all live with. 

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The big-ticket question: how do crystals work? Crystals have fixed energy, so when you’re feeling all over the place, a crystal with grounded energy can help guide you to where we want to be feeling. Click here for more on how to use crystals, especially for chakra healing! 

Wondering how to use crystals for every day? Read on for an intuitive guide to help you get an idea of what each crystal is all about, so you know which to use in everyday life! 


Which Crystals Should You Use for Everyday Challenges?

Rose Quartz - In need of a dose of self-love in your life? Rose Quartz is the way to go. Hold it over your heart chakra and absorb the love you want to bring into your life.

Clear Quartz - Clear quartz gives you positive energy. Looking to feel happy? Clear quartz. Want to feel positive about life? Clear Quartz. It’s also the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom. If you’ve got chronic pain in one area of the body, use this crystal to bring some healing energy into your body. It also helps you get in tune with your highest self. Use it over the crown chakra to help that wheel get moving! 

Amethyst - Anxiety affects over 30% of adults, so a lot of you out there need Amethyst to get you through! This crystal is all about peace and calm. Work stressing you out? Pick up your Amethyst and do some meditating. 

Tiger's Eye -  If you’re an empath, this is the stone for you! Tiger’s Eye gives off protective properties, so if you feel like your energy is being messed with, Tiger’s Eye might help you out. Keep it in your purse and hold it to your third eye chakra before you head to an event or hang out with someone who messes with your energy.

Citrine -  If you’re manifesting money (which, like, who isn’t?) citrine will bring in those dollar bills. Citrine’s properties include wealth, abundance, and success, along with optimism. Get those vibes high while manifesting sweet, sweet abundance with the help of citrine. 

Carnelian - Carnelian is helpful when you’ve gone through trauma because it promotes healing, emotional warmth, and courage. Its therapeutic properties will help transform your emotional health. 

Amber - So, you’re manifesting and manifesting and getting nowhere. Been there! Amber will help with bringing your manifestations to fruition. It also helps in erasing phobias and fears. Definitely a stone we all need in our lives. 


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