The Most Common Spiritual Numbers and What They Mean

You’ve heard that one friend say it every time she sees it, “It’s 11:11! Make a wish.” No matter what, she always catches it. What’s the deal? What makes 11:11 so special? Here’s the thing, it’s not just 11:11. There are plenty number sequences that mean your source energy or divine team are trying to chat with you. They’re saying, “Yoo-hoo, over here, Sarah!” While you can definitely take the number sign thing a little too far, there are some number signs that you can’t ignore.


Understanding Divine Signs

For some reason, the source guys love to chat with us through divine numbers. So when you’re asking for a sign like “Please, God, let him text me,” (because, girl, we’ve all been there), numerology might be the answer. You end up finding yourself looking at the clock every hour at the same time or getting a receipt with the same numbers again and again (freaky stuff). Either way, you can’t ignore it. The only thing is, what the heck is the source energy trying to say? 

Numbers are just signs, and one of the many ways our spirit guides connect. But lucky for us, there are people out there who have studied numerology, so you aren’t just standing there scratching your head. I want to share with you some of the most common divine numbers and their spiritual meanings. Get ready to have all your questions answered.

The Meanings of Spiritual Numbers

111 - This is a sign to keep your thoughts high-vibed. Being in a high vibration is crucial for manifesting. It’s all about maintaining a healthy, optimistic outlook on things. It’s the universe saying, buck up and be happy so all the awesome stuff you want can come your way.   So if you see this sign, consider doing a little dance or calling that friend that always makes you laugh. It’s all about the vibes! 

33 - If you see double threes, it’s because it’s the most common spiritual number—it’s said that Jesus died at 33. This number is a sign that you have a clear connection with your spirit guide or an Ascended Master. They’re trying to reach out to you and connect. 

333 - A bit of a variation on 33, this number is also tied to your spirit guides and Ascended Masters, but the message is a little different. When you see 333, it’s a sign that you are completely surrounded by divine help. This is a message that you are on path. 

44 - This number is all about foundation and grounding. If you see this number a lot, it may mean that you need stability or a strong balance to get through. My suggestion? Meditate or try some mindfulness. It could help bring that grounding you’re looking for.

88 - 88 is all about abundance, baby!  If you see this number, try to feel better about your money situation. Don’t be afraid, but instead get involved with all the money and abundance coming your way. When you see 888, it’s even better because it’s a sign that money is coming straight to you! 

420 - Sure, if you enjoy certain activities, then 420 is a fun number to see. But it also translates to the fact that your prayers and positive thinking are paying off. You’ve made a connection to the divine, and your manifestation is coming soon. 

666 - This number gets a bad rep, but if you look into its spiritual meaning, seeing 666 means you’re getting some good stuff. Think of a life full of abundance, optimism, and luck. It also indicates your selfless traits and your mission to have the best experience. Despite its reputation, this number brings positive outcomes and meanings. 

What number keeps coming up for you? Let me know!