How I Became a Medium

The first time I remember communicating with a dead person was during my senior year of high school.

A friend of mine had passed in a car accident, and I swear I could feel him when I was in my bedroom. I believed I felt him, but I also believed I was crazy.

I didn’t hear from another dead person or spirit guide until I was about 25. 

And then my friend’s (dead) mom came to me while I was peeing. (As you start communicating with the spirit world, you’ll quickly learn they have no boundaries.)

This time, I actually acknowledged what was happening. I was communicating with the dead. And it was real.

Nikki Novo August-3787.jpg

Guess what happened next?

I opened up the floodgates for the spirit world to come chat with me. But I had two conditions: I did not want to see anyone (No, I didn’t care if they were a majestic angel with beautiful wings). And, just as important as the first rule, only nice souls allowed.

Chances are you’ve had an interaction with the spirit world before. That’s why you’re reading this!

I want you to know that if you feel you are, you are. You are not crazy. And this article… it’s here to validate you. Because you and I, both, are being guided to speak to each other.

The reason I communicate more freely with past loved ones, spirit guides, and angels is because I stopped calling myself crazy. I finally just embraced the sixth sense.

And my hope is that you do the same.

Because there is so much guidance out there for us to help us live our truth and our purpose. When you start to hear that guidance, and begin to align your actions and thoughts with your soul, you make this world a better place.

Let’s make the world a better place, shall we?

If you have the desire to connect to the spirit world — whether you do it at random or with a tool like a guided meditation — you have to first trust your experience. It may seem like just your imagination, but the truth is there’s something out there, dying to talk to you. Pun intended.

And you’ve come to the right place to learn to do that. Stay tuned to this blog or head over to IGTV for more on how to connect to your spirit guides and past loved ones. Ready to dive in now? Book a session with me or learn how to connect on your own with my Soul Seeker course.