How Not to Absorb Negative Energy at Work

Is pesky Karen messing with your vibe again? Sneaking around and asking coworkers about work stuff that isn't even her department? Ugh, the worst. So bad that she almost makes you want to quit your job. Here's the thing: you can't leave your job just because of one person. Plus, Karen might be bad, but you don't know what's waiting around the corner! There could be an even worse Karen at that new job— a super Karen. No one wants that. Plus, you like your job! 

We can't change people's vibes—that's the truth. And unless you're some kind of energy-blocking machine, Karen's bad negative vibes at work are going to get to you because you're human and absorbing people's energies is a part of the game. So, you could let it affect you, complain about it to fellow coworkers, or you can protect yourself. Change your vibes and learn how not to absorb that negative energy at work. Become that energy-blocking machine you always wanted to be at work, no matter how super the Karen may seem. 


3 Ways to Block Negative Energy at Work

  1. Prepare Yourself - Before you get into work, have a quick chat with yourself. You know that Karen isn't going to change. But you can be prepared so you aren't caught off guard by her insanity. Maybe your boss is in a bad mood—you don't know, but give yourself a little pep-talk. "Hey self, today might be tricky. That's okay; you keep your energy where it's at." Everything else can be going on around you, but you're going to stay true to yourself and your energy. This way, you're not at a complete loss when the negative vibes hit you. 

  2. Listen - When you get annoyed with Karen and her bad vibes at work, what you're doing is getting attached to whatever is going on with her. Why? You're not entirely present, and you're getting caught up with an opinion that's already inside your head. What should you do? This may sound like crazy talk, but I want you to listen. I want you to listen in a way that makes you observe rather than judge. When we listen in this way, we're detached, so we're not in it. Instead, we're just watching. Think of yourself as a scientist observing the vibes rather than an actor in a play. Make sense? 

  3. Imagine You're In A Bubble - We're all in our own energetic field of sorts. Think of it as a bubble. When you're in your office, going about your day, your bubble has got a chill vibe to it. Then, you hear your boss yelling from across the office. Not good. Your bubble gets invaded by your boss's bubble, and you're feeling a mess. Before you head into work, imagine your bubble is all around you. Be aware of it and remind yourself that no one can step into your bubble. 

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