4 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

So you’ve been dating and feeling good, focusing on yourself while still putting yourself out there. No expectations, just living in the moment. We’ve all been there, and it’s a great feeling. I’m happy for you because you’re doing you, you know good things are coming your way. Then BOOM! You meet a fantastic guy (or girl) with a lot to offer. Everything seems to be lining up, and you’re wondering how you ever stressed about finding love in the first place! 

But now you’re starting to worry. “Is this the one?” You find yourself asking. Don’t people just “know?” How do I know if this person is my soulmate? Relax! I get it; you want the answers to life’s big questions ASAP just like you want your “good morning” texts from that special someone on the daily. Life doesn’t have all the answers we want, but the good news is there are helpful signs to lead us to the right path. Read on for four signs you’ve met your soulmate.

  1. They Show an Interest in Your Life - The right person isn’t going to ghost you like those other people. They’re going to stick around and show you they're interested. If they're invested in you, then they're invested in all aspects of your life. That means meeting your family and friends. Learning about your job and what goals you’ve been working towards. They want to be involved in your life.

  2. You Feel Safe - This person makes you feel secure and confident. When they look at you, they see someone amazing, so you feel supported, loved, and safe. Does your person make you feel like you can take on the world? Then they might just be the right one for you!

  3. You Never Have To Question Their Love - When it’s the right person, it’s all out there. This person makes their love known to you on the daily, and it’s clear via their actions. You know they love you because when it comes to you, they wear their heart on their sleeve.

  4. They Respect You - You have boundaries, and you’re not afraid to be clear about them. Your person respects them and is willing to compromise with you on what works for you. They understand you like a certain level of privacy, and they trust you! No one looking through your phone in this relationship!

But above all, there’s a certain ping that goes off - your intuition picks up on that thing that you just know. And all doubts begin to melt away. Trust me, my friend - it is real and it is powerful. Want to know more about soulmates? Read my book, The Final Swipe, or check out my dating bundles. Or just keep up with me on Instagram, where I explore love, dating, relationships, and everything that makes them tick.