3 Ways to Access Your Intuition

Your intuition is like a ‘sixth sense.’ And, no, I’m not talking about seeing dead people. That’s my job, remember? Think of it as a vibe. An energy you can sense. It gnaws at you when something’s off. It’s also present when something’s awesome, or needs your attention. It’s almost like a feeling. Not sadness or happiness. It’s not concrete or right in front of you, but it’s there, and it’s subtle. 

When you were a kid, it was probably easy to sense. You didn’t like something or someone, not because they did or said anything, you just knew. As you grew older, things got in the way. You learned to cope with life differently, and now, your intuition isn’t as strong as it once was. 


Here’s the thing, intuition is a very real thing. It’s hooked up to your instincts, and now it’s even backed by scientific studies. (And you thought it was all “woo-woo” nonsense.) Research shows we usually know an answer way before the analytical side of our brains can come up with said answer. So, the next time you sense a vibe, you’re not off. Want to get in tune with your vibe-y side? Read on for three ways to access your intuition.

  1. Get in Tune with Your Feelings - To get in tune with your feelings, you’re going to take some time to be quiet. Focus on what’s going on internally. It’s insane how sometimes we can go on without really focusing on ourselves and what’s going on in our heads. My suggestion? Take some time to soul search. Do a little journaling to get your feelings on paper and outside of yourself. That way you can really feel what’s going on within yourself and can be more aware when certain feelings—or vibes come up. 

  2. Listen- Shhh. No, seriously, be quiet for a second. Sounds simple, but it can be harder than you think. Take notice and listen to your internal voice. Your intuition can’t talk if you aren’t listening. So, take some time to listen to yourself, and that means every part of yourself. 

  3. Let Go of Negativity- When you’re in a bad mood, it takes over everything. Negativity is a real downer, and it clouds all the things that make your intuition tick. Your bad mood is almost the only thing you can think about when it sets in. When you’re in a good mood, everything seems to work out, and you can make better decisions based on your intuition. Life’s full of great things. Honor your feelings but also try to focus on all the great opportunities coming your way.

Are you in tune with your intuition? Would you like to be? My course, Soul Seeker, is designed to develop your intuitive and spiritual skills. If you want to know a little more about what I do and the skills I use to do it, then definitely sign up for this course. Take it at your pace and get live Q&A sessions with me this fall, starting in September. Can’t wait to see you there.