5 Ways to Center Yourself

If you find yourself feeling distracted on the daily, you’re not alone. I may be a shaman, but even I don’t have all the answers when monkey brain kicks in. Now that the kids are starting school again, I have more downtime in-between readings. My mind takes off, and before I know it I’m stressed because I don’t have that one ingredient for dinner and am worried about something I said during a reading five years ago. You’ve been through the same? Alright, deep breath. We’re going to get through this.

Centering yourself when you’re feeling off, reactive, negative, or just distracted by everything going on in your brain is easier than you think. Calming your emotions and bringing yourself back to a relaxed state is all about having some focus. So, read on for five ways to center yourself. Your monkey brain will thank you. 

  1. Start a Meditation Practice- Sounds basic, right? Everyone’s harping on the benefits of meditation, these days. We get it; you’re woke! Here’s the deal, there are more ways to meditate than just focusing on your breath. Ever take a mindful walk? Listen to a great album with complete focus? Pet your dog for a few minutes? Bring your brain to a place where it isn't ruminating, then focus on yourself. In woo-woo terms, it’s bringing your awareness back to yourself. When you realize you’re out of center, that’s awareness. Once you recognize awareness, you can work on a method to bring you back to—well, you!

  2. Try Journaling- When your emotions are off-center, and you find yourself crying in the middle of Whole Foods on a Tuesday afternoon, it’s time to evaluate your troubles. The best way to do this is by journaling. Write about your current problems or worries. Dissect everything that went down before you started randomly bawling at Whole Foods. Do a brain dump. Close your journal, and let it go. Somehow, writing it all out brings a calm like no other. Almost like venting, except you don’t have to listen to anyone’s advice but your own.

  3. Focus on Positivity- Okay, there’s a big mix up in the self-development world on positivity. It’s not the cure-all to happiness. When you feel sad, feel sad. I’m not telling you to dismiss negative emotions. Being alive means you’ve got a full range of emotions, and you need to honor that. What I am saying is to celebrate the positive in your life and around you. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fear and negativity reign, so it’s easy to harp on everything that sucks. I’m asking you to start harping on all the awesome. I know that if you’re reading this, you already have access to a million amazing things. Start creating positive associations, so when those negative experiences come, you can help yourself stay centered by anchoring in the positive.

  4. Be Playful- When you’re serious and tense, it means you’re off-center — being centered is when you’re relaxed, chill, and ready to make some jokes and have fun. When you’re centered, you’re more alert and spontaneous. Notice when you feel more playful moving forward. What brings on this playful attitude? Is it friends? Maybe an activity?

  5. Experiment- Remember when we discussed awareness? I want you to use your awareness for moments where you’re feeling calm and at peace. What are you doing? Who are you with? Experiment with life! Find what feeds your center.

nikki novo