Why Manifesting Isn't Working

Ah, manifesting. Sometimes we think all it takes is wanting something bad enough. I wish that were true! If that were the case, then life would be all too perfect. Now, where’s the fun in that? Manifesting takes a couple of things brought together to conspire in your favor. Think of it as baking. It takes all the right ingredients to come out with the perfect batch.

The trick to manifestations is to set an intention, keep your vibes up, heal yourself, and be present.

The trick to manifestations is to set an intention, keep your vibes up, heal yourself, and be present. If one of these is off, then your cookies end up being too flat or not sweet enough. No one wants that. If your manifestations aren’t coming to you, don’t fret. It may feel like it’s impossible, but all it really takes is opening yourself up to life in the present moment. Read on for more on why your manifesting isn’t working!

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3 Top Reasons Your Manifesting Isn’t Working (And How to Fix it!)

1 - Not Knowing Exactly What You Want - You have to be specific when it comes to asking the universe for what you want. Let’s say you sit there and think, “I want a new car.” Great, but that’s just not going to cut it. When it comes to intention, specificity is everything. You’re not only going to have to name the make and model of the car, but you’re going to imagine yourself in the front seat. Feel all the feelings that come with that fantastic new car. Want leather seats? What does it feel like to sit on them? Imagine, daydream, and enjoy. What if you’re manifesting the ultimate partner? Imagine what you want to feel when you’re around this person. Do you want to feel secure? Validated? Sexy? Write down exactly how you want to feel and imagine feeling those feelings right now. Fun, no?

2 - Doing the Work and Visualizing the Hard Parts - Often, when manifesting, we focus on the end goal. So, for example, on your vision board, you have a gorgeous engagement ring and a super happy-looking bride. Every time you see that photo, you imagine yourself as that happy bride in your dream dress. You know it’s coming. But are you swiping on the apps? Are you asking around to see if anyone knows some single dudes? Manifesting has a lot to do with mindset, but it also takes some work. In the meantime, I want you to try something. Take some time to visualize yourself doing the hard stuff. Visualize yourself opening the app, and going on that first date and feeling okay. Imagine yourself doing the work to get yourself to that manifestation. As long as you keep your intention set, know that perfect partner is on his or her way, and stay grateful along the way, you’re set.

3 - Being Present - No one knows the future. So, yeah, you can imagine yourself going out there and doing the work for the things you want, but the truth is you have no idea how they’re going to turn out. Once you're done visualizing, be sure to come back into your body. I like to imagine moving the energy that’s in my head to my heart. I take a few deep breaths and feel my heart beating. I know it’s easy to get excited about all the things coming your way, just be sure to be present when it does come!