How To Stop Doubting Yourself

Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret for when it comes to self-doubt. Ready for it? It never really goes away.

I know it sucks, but doubting ourselves signifies that we are whole people with a conscience. So hooray for not being a sociopath!

While it might not go away completely, we can definitely lessen its impact on our decision making. When I find myself in this dark hole, of course the first thing I have to do is realize I’m in it. Because, geeze, doubt can feel really real sometimes. The doubt sometimes shows up as really good excuses to not do something, so it can be hard to spot it when it shows up.

Next, what I like to do is pretend I’m someone who doesn’t doubt herself. We may not believe in ourselves, but the energy of someone who does believe in themselves is always available. We always have the ability to close our eyes and imagine what it would be like if we were a magical unicorn that never doubted itself.

I start by saying the simple line, “If I were in my worth, I would…” Or you can pose the question to yourself, “If I were in my worth, what would I do?” Those simple phrases will open up creative solutions that were being blocked before by the fear.

Sometimes, I have to pull out the worth card several times a day, especially when I’m trying something new. We doubt ourselves so much when things are new. The doubt makes us want to stop and not go through with the new move or new change. Rather than stop, all we have to do is ask ourselves how we proceed if we truly stood in our worth.

You, my friend, totally got this.