Find a Partner Who Accepts You for You

From where you are today, I promise you could find a romantic partner. I have no doubt that you can find someone today.

But of course, you’re not looking for just anyone. That’s why you’re still single! Because you’re looking for the right fit for you. I know it often feels like we’re waiting, but the truth is you’re choosing. And the universe is helping you in that process. A lot of the times what it is doing is protecting you from what is wrong.

If you're vibe is wrong or if you’re getting too deep into the wrong relationship, the universe will block you. It’s working for you, not against you.

One of the qualities we hope for in a relationship is to be accepted — to be seen. It’s awful to be with someone who is always trying to change you or who is embarrassed of some of your behavior.

The good news is: you’re not in that situation! You're dating, so you have the power to attract someone who will love you as you are. Here are three tips to help you call that partnership in.

1. Accept Yourself

I know this is an obvious one, but it’s still worth discussing. Oftentimes when we’re on the spiritual journey, we’re told that we need to “heal” ourselves before we find that perfect partner. This is a very dangerous hole to enter.

Sure, we could all use some healing! But that’s an ongoing process. You will do a lot of healing with your partner. That’s why we live this life in partnership — for the many learning opportunities it offers.

But after you’ve done some work solo and you've learned to love yourself as you are, it’s time for you to start dating. You will feel completely perfect. What does that even mean?! You are a beautiful work in progress. We all are. And what you are right now is perfection.

2. Date in a Way the Feels Right to You

I have a client who was really frustrated with her husband who loved to party even after having two children. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just stop.

The truth is, she met her husband while partying. And even though she didn’t really care for late nights, she felt that’s what she needed to do at the time to meet a partner. And now she lives with party guy

You’re in the position where you can still choose who you end up committing to. Start by dating in a way that feels right for you. Do the things that feel true to who you are so that you don’t start on the wrong foot.

3. Speak Your Truth

From the beginning, you have to be yourself and just say the truth. It might seem silly to speak up for the little things, but you never know, this may be your next relationship (and possibly you’re last).

When we enter relationships, we create energetic agreements. We, energetically, let the other person know how we’re going to show up or what role we’re going to play according to what we agree to early on in the relationship. Every time you say yes to something that doesn’t feel 100% to you, know can be starting a pattern that will last in your relationship for a much longer time than you expect.