Do This Before Using a Dating App

(psst...Just a disclaimer, this one is about dating. If you’re not dating, please pass it along to someone who is. Help a sista out!)

Today we’re talking dating apps. Wait, what? I know what you’re thinking, dating apps aren’t spiritual, Nikki. And my response. Um, all our experiences are spiritual! We just get caught up in our humanness.

For those of us dating, using the apps can be a little bit of a love/hate. We know this is the way people are dating these days, but at the same time it doesn’t always feel great. Not to mention, everywhere you swipe, you keep seeing the same dude!

But remember, even this annoying process is a spiritual experience and we can remind ourselves of that by treating it that way. Finding your partner is a soul desire. The app is just a tool to get us there. So rather than judge it, let’s bless the process, shall we?

Next time you open the app, I want you to, first, be mindful of what you’re doing. Oftentimes we open it up out of habit and just start swiping along with little thought of what we’re actually doing. This time, be mindful. “I’m opening up this because one of my soul’s desire is to be in partnership. I’m grateful for this app, because it’s allowing me to take action on that desire.”

Once the app is open, you’re going to set your intention. When we set an intention what we’re doing is focusing our energy into the direction of our choice. If we don’t set our intention, our energy might be in a place of lack, like “Ugh, it’s always the same damn people on these apps.” If that’s where our attention is, that’s what we’re going to attract.

This time, set your intention on being alert to someone who is a good fit for you. You can say something like “My intention is to be present and alert to people who share my same values and are a good fit for me.”

And just like that, you super-sized your order! Let me know how it goes. If you find yourself needing extra guidance, you can book a session with me here. I'm happy to help. 

Much love to you,