Monday Message: How to Stop Doubting Yourself

Question for ya: What if nothing you are doing is wrong?

As we walk our spiritual journeys, it can be really easy to use this path for the ego’s ways. We often think because we’re trying to live an enlightened path that we should constantly be looking at what needs to be fixed. We get addicted to looking for what is wrong.

We pretend it’s for spiritual reasons. We’re just trying to be more woke, right? When in reality, what we’re trying to do is find a way to be perfect.

We believe the lie that if we can just find those limiting beliefs, tweak our weaknesses, align our chakras... that we’ll be golden. But all that does is cause more doubt.

What if we could look at all that is going right? That is a path of love, and love is always a better north star. When we focus on what is broken, we end up filled with doubt. A journey driven by doubt is a journey with a whole lot of stopping.

Sure, there are so many shadows within us that need to be worked through. But just because we look at life through the lens of all of this is beautiful, does not mean we’re going miss what needs healing.

We’ll find those things, no doubt. But we can find them with ease, compassion, grace, and humility. In the meantime, applauding the good is totally acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged.



nikki novo