Monday Message: How to Know if You're on the Right Path

The concern I hear the most in my practice is, “I just want to know if I’m on the right path.”

Somehow we know that our soul came to this planet for a reason and we just really want to make sure that we’re on path to live out our truth. No pressure, right?

All kidding aside, there are few things we can do that can help us answer that question whenever we feel unsure.

1. Ask Your Divine Helpers

Up in the spirit world there are so many helpers who really want to assist you. From your past loved ones and angels to Jesus and your spirit guides. Or if you want to go straight to God, you can do that too! They’re all up there just waiting for you to ask. We ask by praying. You can ask them for a sign. Just remember to look out for the answer after you ask.

2. Feel Your Feelings

When we’re trying to figure out whether or not we’re on the right path, oftentimes we stay stuck in our heads. We rely on our minds to figure it out. Yet, that gets us nowhere but confused.When our minds can’t seem to get us there, what we need to do is tap into our feelings. Our feelings are the best guides we have. And if you’re new to the whole feeling thing, start with a simple question “How does this make me feel?” or “How do I feel?” You can journal out the answer and what you’ll find is your own inner wisdom.

3. Be Present

It’s amazing how much wisdom we have if we could just allow ourselves to be present. If we go through our day not thinking about the past and not think about the future, we will hear our intuition. It is trying to get through to us all day, but our mind is typically not open to it because it’s occupied thinking about something else. Allow yourself to be wherever you are. Sink into it. And in the quiet moments, without even trying, you’ll hear the guidance and validation you’ve been looking for.