How to Stop Fighting with Your Partner

Do you ever feel like you’re having the same fight with your partner over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting about who left the seat up or who forgot to buy who a birthday present, it all just feels like the same fight. And guess what: it is!

Today, I’m going to teach you how to finally break that pattern. You can heal your relationship with your partner or anyone with one little step: Forget the past.

If we’re not hyper aware, we can oftentimes fall into these roles in our romantic relationships that are keeping us from moving forward. What happens is we come into every confrontation with our baggage, our assumptions, and our expectations. No matter what we’re talking about, the end result always feels the same.

You may have this belief that your partner never follows through. And he may think you’re too pushy and always telling him what to do. So when you two are in a conversation, “he never follows through” and “she’s so pushy” is already playing in your heads. Each of you are bringing the energy from your past experiences, therefore creating the same experience.

The trick is to come to the conversation with space. We have to come into each encounter with a new intention. Instead of energetically making our partner feel like they’re not enough, we want to make them feel like we believe in them and they’re growth. This is when the blaming game finally finishes and love has the space it needs to bloom.