How to Make Your Dreams Come True

I love hearing about dreams for the future. If we feel safe enough to dream, we’re in a good place, right?

But for so many of us the dream remains just a dream. Making those visions a reality can often feel, well, unrealistic. The challenge is “How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?” Just that thought can be so overwhelming.

Today, we’re going to break it down so that dream catching becomes easy work.

The first step is we have to understand that those visions and those daydreams are real. The minute we start desiring something, what we’re doing is breathing life into it. We’re creating it!

It’s not a question of fate. When you desire something, your soul is waking up to its fate. But it’s up to us to make our fate happen.

When we don’t trust ourselves or when we have little faith in ourselves, knowing that our fate is up to us can be really scary. But the day you decide to flip your perspective, you’ll begin to see how much power you have.

Our future completely depends on the little choices — starting with the choice of what we think and believe — we make every day. And depending on those choices, our future can shift.

This is why it’s so important to live with intention. Once you’re clear on what you want your future to look like, you have to stop and ask yourself “Is what I’m doing today in my life currently in alignment with what I want in the future?”

Recently, I discovered that my present was not in alignment with my future. I kept wondering why I hadn’t published another book. Well, my friends, I was writing!

It’s really that simple. By day-to-day life did not support my desire to have books published in the future. And eventually, I just had to get honest with myself. My fate could have been to be a published author, but I have still have free will. If I use my choices to go down another path, there’s no crystal ball that will be able to make my dreams a reality.

Ask yourself today if the way you live life today is bringing you closer to your dreams. If you dream about finding a relationship, are you working on yourself? Are you going on dates? If you dream about changing your career, are putting work into it on your off time?

Align your choices with your future, and watch your life become what you always dreamt it would be.