5 Podcasts for Spiritual Growth

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In this fast-paced, modern world, podcasts have been all the rage lately. I have to admit, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon because as a mom of three, it's easier for me to just pop in my headphones and listen to something inspirational than to read right now. Here are some of my favorite podcasts for spiritual growth. 

1. That’s So Retrograde

This hilarious podcast hosted by Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott takes a relatable approach to wellness. It has a very “I charge my crystals every full moon but I’m not afraid to laugh at myself for it” vibe. Their show has the perfect mix between mainstream wellness and the woo woo, new age stuff. If there is something about wellness that you want to know, they probably have an episode on it from crystals to reiki. When I miss my days in LA, I make sure to give them a listen. Because, seriously guys, they’re so LA!

2. Priestess Podcast

If you are looking to get into spirituality from the divine feminine energy and goddess perspective, this is the place for you! This podcast has often been called “soul illuminating” and I couldn’t agree more. I was actually lucky enough to be a guest on this podcast a couple of weeks ago so stay tuned for my episode where we talk all about how we can craft our own spirituality and what being spiritual actual looks like. Spoiler alert: no mountain top needed. I’ll let you know when the episode airs!

3. Soul On Fire 

The host of this podcast, Jordan Younger has been prominent in the online wellness space for years. Her latest creation, Soul on Fire podcast allows you to be a fly on the wall into her conversations with wellness industry leaders like Gabrielle Bernstein. One of the amazing things about her podcast is that she has a Facebook community that goes along with it where you can connect with other listeners from all around the world and get advice. Jordan is really active in the group as well. This one is a must. 

4. The Chasing Joy Podcast 

Need an afternoon pick me up? You’ll love this podcast. Georgie records every episode with the sole purpose of bringing joy into your life and lifting your energy. In each episode, she dives deep into a wellness topic with an expert in that space or shares an inspiring personal story of her own.

5. This is Clarity

Shameless plug ahead, you’ve been warned. If you haven’t checked it out already, This is Clarity is my podcast. Its for those of us that are seeking clarity and purpose in everyday life. In each episode you will either hear the audio version of my blog posts or an inspiring interview with a special guest that is living life on their own terms. 

Happy listening friends! What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for more. 

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