3 Ways to Remove Negative Energy

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Have you ever felt like you have some negative ju-ju that you just can’t shake? My friend, you are not crazy. Being that we are energetic beings, we are always at risk of picking up negative energy from anyone and any place. Prevention is the best solution (if you don’t know how to prevent, check out this video), but we’re not always able to do so. This is when we need to bring in the cleanup crew. Below are three techniques for removing negative energy.

1.  Sage - Good ‘ole sage. It was introduced to us by Native Americans and has been used to cleanse energy for thousands of years. Its benefits aren’t just all “woo woo” either. According to Mind Body Green, the smoke from sage “changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response”. Other benefits of sage include, uplifting, purifying, and bringing positivity into a space. Now that you understand the benefits, let’s talk about how to use it! I made you a little step by step video on my youtube channel, check it out here.

2.  Cord Cutting - This is going to sound creepy, but did you know people can attach energy cords on us? Imagine an energetic umbilical cord that is attached to your ex. Have no fear: you can clear it.

What you want to do is sit meditation, close your eyes, and ask that Archangel Michael come work with you. He is the archangel best known for his fear zapping powers. Ask him to cut any cords you may have. Repeat: “I am ready to release these energetic cords to the light.” Take a deep breath, and imagine him cutting cords attached to your energetic body. Warning: the ex may reach out, because for some strange reason the people who leave cords on us, actually miss them when we cut them.

3. Epsom Salt Bath - An epsom salt bath is great for more than just relaxing on #selfcaresunday, it can actually cleanse your aura. Here is an amazing one from modern day healer, Mama Medicinethe-moment-is.com

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