Welcome to the holiday edition of Monday Message. Today we’re talking about dealing with those toxic people we tend to stay away from, but have no choice but to face during the holidays. So much fun! 

When you see these people this holiday season you are not going to run away. Instead, you’re going to face the lesson this soul is here to teach you. Why? Because that’s what it’s about, friends. Our life on Earth is about working through those spiritual lessons and many times the people who serve as our teachers are the people who cause the most turmoil within us. 

I have a few tips for you to help you get through this.  

1 – Say a Prayer Before 

This prayer will get you clear on your intention. Prayer is direct and clear communication to the Universe. It can be something like, “I have no idea how I’m going to get through this, but please guide me. Please show me what I need to learn.” Right there, you’re setting the purpose for your meeting with this person. Typically, you head out to see this person with the armor of a football player ready to get his ass kicked. Very different vibe, right? 

2 – Leave the Past Behind 

Because these people have hurt or offended us in the past, what ends up happening is we go into the meeting with a bag full of past situations that made us not like that person. Even if the person is on their best behavior that day, we’re already sending the stink-eye vibes their way. At that point, we’re going to look for the smallest evidence that this person is still an A-hole, or because we are vibrational the other person is going to sense your vibes and treat you as such. Either way, your past beliefs about this person are now proven correct. But rather than being right, you want to be at peace. It feels much better and creates a higher vibration, which will elevate you. What you want to do is observe this person as if it were the first time you’ve ever met. In observing you’ll see this person for who they really are. What you’ll probably end up seeing is that… well, you feel bad for this sad person. 

3 – Look for the Lesson 

Rather than look for reasons to hate this person even more, ask yourself “What am I being asked to learn from this relationship.” It might be forgiveness, or acceptance, or compassion, or self-worth. Either way, it’s a lesson you are meant to learn, and when you learn it, you can move on to the next level of your evolution. And that’s a way better place than annoyed-ville.  

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